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New-Generation 600V Planar MOSFET Series

Time:2018-01-10 Views:433

π-MOS IX series of 600V planar MOSFET combines high efficiency and low noise


TOKYO— Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation today announced the launch of “π-MOS IX,” a new series of 600V planar MOSFET. Mass production starts today.       π-MOS IX series

With an optimized chip design, the π-MOS IX series provides 5dB lower[1] peak EMI noise than the current π-MOS VII series, while maintaining the same level of efficiency. It offers greater design freedom and therefore helps reduce design workloads. In addition, the π-MOS IX series has the same rated avalanche current and rated DC current, making it simple to replace existing MOSFET.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation will expand the π-MOS IX series with the addition of more 600V devices, plus 500V and 650V devices.


  • Small to medium switching power supplies for notebook PC AC adapters and game console chargers
  • Lighting power supplies


  • Combines high efficiency and low noise
  • Rated avalanche current equivalent to the rated DC curren
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