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Opportunities and Challenges of Iris Recognition Technology

Time:2017-10-13 Views:424
Iris recognition technology is an important way to recognize unique individuals in biometrics. We tend to be familiar with the fingerprint and face recognition, at present the two comparatively mature technology is applied to intelligent mobile phone unlocked (such as apple began on iPhone5s fingerprint to try to unlock, Nubia face unlock, etc.). However, samsung recently announced that it will launch its first iris recognition tablet, which is about 10,000 times more accurate than the fingerprint scanner. At the same time, the MWC‘s Fujitsu "look at it to unlock" eye print to recognize the phone, it‘s amazing. Microsoft also said that WIN10 will fully support facial, fingerprint and iris recognition and integrate the mainstream biometric technology, as long as the hardware can collect standard data. For a moment, the phone iris payment came to the center of the wave, causing a wide range of discussions. 
I. Development opportunities of iris recognition 
(a) Iris recognition is highly sought after by manufacturers 
It is well known that iris recognition technology has been used in the access and identification management system of military armory, bank vault, airport internal management, and important security level government departments. However, with the popularization and promotion of iris technology, the cost of technology has decreased, and more and more iris equipment manufacturers have begun to enter the civil market. One of them is EyeStart, which partnered with Intel, minsheng bank and lenovo to launch EyeSmart, the world‘s first paid iris phone. In addition, shenzhen enterprise puchuang tianxin and Fujitsu have introduced the smartphone of iris recognition technology. Mobile phone iris payment has come to the forefront of the wave, sparking a wide range of discussions. Based on this background, some mobile phone industry users even believe that iris recognition technology will be a new addition to the smartphone market. 
With the serious homogenization of smart phones, new technology highlights need to be upgraded, which is also the focus of mobile phone manufacturers‘ decision, which must inspire users‘ purchasing desire through unique functions and experiences. In addition, the current mode of unlocking the phone and APP is mainly the four password recognition (the fingerprint identification is not successful and the password is required to enter) and gesture recognition, which is very low security. As the cell phone information of intimate degree and mobile phone applications and trading, payment and bank securities association, account security, information security and security will need to phone manufacturers provide a higher level of security "fence" to screen at any time there will be no security. 
"Mobile payments have higher security requirements, and fingerprints are less safe than irises for identity authentication. And in terms of payment authentication, users not only need to be safe but also simple and convenient, the last and most important part of mobile transaction is to enter payment account password. Iris recognition payment can exempt users from forgetting passwords. At the same time, iris can completely replace the fingerprint on the computer, and directly use iris to unlock the phone and software to make it more convenient and satisfy the needs of lazy people. 
(2) Obvious advantages of iris recognition 
Iris recognition technology is based on the iris identification in the eye, used in security devices (such as door control, etc.), and places with high confidentiality requirements. Iris consists of quite complex fibrous tissue, contains a lot of overlap is similar to the spot, filaments, coronary, stripes, fossae details such as features, these features from the baby embryo 8 months is determined by way of random combination of down, once formed a lifelong unchanged. It can be said that the iris is the most accurate biometric technology in the world. 
In addition, iris recognition is more accurate and reliable than fingerprint identification. Both the false acception and the FalseRejectionRate are significantly lower than the fingerprint. The feature points of the fingerprint are about 50 or so, while the characteristics of the iris can reach 244 independent free dimensions and greatly improve accuracy. In addition, the iris location between the pupil and the sclera (white), is the visual part of the human eye, but it is only an exposed internal organs, not such as skin, facial muscle has changed dramatically with age." 
It can be seen that iris recognition technology is more accurate than fingerprint recognition technology and face recognition technology. 
But that doesn‘t consider as what, in the adaptability of the scene, the iris recognition technology also showed great advantage, a few days ago, biometrics center at Carnegie Mellon university has developed a new iris scanning technology, iris scans to identify people other than 40 feet (12 meters). In this demonstration of the technology, Mario gellan, director of the center for biological recognition at Carnegie Mellon university, said: "we‘re not going to be able to do this. Verde (MariosSavvides) seat, sitting in a van in a conductor distance behind him, his colleagues simply use camera auto rearview mirror to identify his identity. Specific operation is that associated with the camera‘s computer system will be taken by Verde, iris images and data comparison, and then can accurately show the Verde, name and other identifying information. 
It is understood that us law enforcement agencies are now increasingly interested in the use of biometric technology. Seattle recently announced that it will become the largest city in the United States using face recognition software. Last summer, the FBI also adopted a similar system. 
Finally, on the issue of the iris recognition technology application cost, the personage inside course of study says, "unlike retinal scanning technology, the iris recognition only USES camera iris part of the eye, technically much simpler." Therefore, iris recognition costs are closer to fingerprint or even lower. 
The development difficulties and challenges of iris recognition 
After the finish technology of iris recognition, through technology transfer after transformation, for the management of the prison inmates, airport security, family planning, counterterrorism, foreign cash machines are used, also will release the iris security mobile phone. Iris, although after years of development, now very good recognition effect can be obtained, but doesn‘t have to completely solve the problem of iris recognition, because in a complex scene, especially in the distant, more goals include communication conditions, the amount of how to accurately identify the identity of the people also need a lot of research. 
The future direction of this system is to include users in different attitude and speed, different environment and so on. Especially under the condition of network, are proposed for iris recognition everywhere new opportunities, such as three to five meters or ten meters from the iris acquisition and recognition, including the Internet, mobile Internet how to on the phone. There are three challenges: how to make the challenge easier. The second is the challenge of robustness. Third, security challenges. That is: 
How to obtain the iris image of remote mobile people easily? 
How to identify iris images with multi-source guide? 
How to guarantee the security of iris recognition system in network environment? 
Although the iris inner security than fingerprints with security faces a lot of, but may also be others with the iris liberal arts or the glass eye, or have the recessive glasses to enter the iris recognition system. So the iris has to go from close to long range, from passive imaging to active imaging, from static imaging to dynamic imaging. Later no matter in what situation, can collection of more than one person at the same time, iris from distance to close, even people can render 3 d face, including image acquisition and the user‘s cooperation. In the iris on the biological characteristics of innovation, also need to change because the iris collection objects, the distance is protean, so use a fixed pattern to cope with change of scene, it is difficult to ensure that every time can collect the high quality of the iris imaging. 
In addition, because before the application range of the iris recognition belongs to high-grade but involved were small, so failed to have a large number of available for iris algorithm database of autonomous learning, which is a lot of the iris database. On a global scale, the largest of the iris data acquisition is in India, probably more than 600 million people involved in the id of the iris collection work, accumulated the country a large number of the iris data and samples, can be better optimized algorithm for iris recognition. However, the accumulation of data in this aspect of our country started late and has not yet entered the large-scale commercial application. 
"In developed European and American countries, it remains to be seen whether iris recognition can be used in a wide range, as in India, due to human rights considerations and the protection of citizens‘ privacy information. At the same time, Chinese government departments have been using fingerprint identification in the aspect of passport approval, and the user will need some time to understand and approve the iris recognition. 
In addition, it is important to note that the iris differences of different RACES also require the comprehensive consideration of mobile phone manufacturers, especially the mobile phone manufacturers of the globalization strategy. According to a reporter‘s investigation, the iris of the west has little melanin, relatively easy to obtain images, while the Oriental eyes are mostly black, and some people are black with tea color. The texture features of the Oriental are not obvious. These issues need to be from the hardware device to users according to different region segmentation algorithm level and custom. 
Predictably, the future smart phones will get more promotion in the safety and convenience, there is no doubt that this year Intel gave everyone a wake. Iris payment will be after apple fingerprint unlock the phone on the safety of new luminescent spot, and iris technology brings more cool cell phone use experience will let iris technology go quickly to the average user. 


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