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Four Trends of Intelligent Building in Intelligent City Construction

Time:2017-10-25 Views:430
Intelligent building is the building structure, system, service and management optimization combination according to the needs of users, is to be as human building internal and external information exchange, security, comfort, convenience and energy saving requirements. The intelligent building and energy conservation industry emphasize user experience and have the impetus of endogenous development. The intelligent building can improve the efficiency of customers‘ work, improve the applicability of the building, reduce the cost of use, and have become the development trend. According to the data, the proportion of smart buildings in newly built buildings in China was only about 26 percent in 2012, far lower than the 70 percent in the United States and 60 percent in Japan. 
Internet of things technology improves the overall level of intelligent architecture 
At present, the Internet of things has penetrated into many fields, such as construction, home, transportation, medical and automobile. And with the development of science and technology, the combination of the Internet of things and building more and more close, in the field of smart home, safety, etc, the Internet plays an important role, become a new bright spot to promote the development of intelligent building industry. 
Under the Internet of things technology of intelligent building is a based on the information collection, control, communication, analysis and management systems engineering, intelligent building in the collection, integration and intelligent processing of all kinds of resources is the basis of the construction of Internet of things, and the application of Internet of things will greatly promote the overall level of intelligent building, intelligent building the biggest integration and application of all kinds of network resources. The development of intelligent building will accompany the development of Internet of things. 
Along with the development of the Internet of products, will promote the function of intelligent building is more perfect and systematic, whereas with the intelligent building and variety of increasing demand, will promote the development of Internet technologies and products. Existing intelligent building products already have the ability of information perception and transmission, which is a close relationship between them. The current intelligent concept is more of a "automation" and "information technology", in the future, intelligent building integrated management system based on the technology of Internet of things, to building interior information comprehensive perception, reliable transmission and intelligent processing, thus realize the content and the content, the linking of people and things, to implement the intelligent of the "people" as the core, and to develop in the direction of machine intelligence and decision. 
The four developing trends of intelligent building in smart city construction 
There are four trends of intelligent building in smart city construction 
In smart cities, intelligent electrification facilities and smart buildings will have an important impact on human life. Smart architecture is not only a single application of smart technology, but also a smart complex based on the urban Internet of things and cloud center architecture. In the face of the development of smart cities in the future, which aspects of smart architecture will be developed as an intelligent application of smart technologies and smart applications? 
1. Application of intelligent control technology 
The wide application of intelligent control technology is the basic characteristic of intelligent architecture. Smart technology through nonlinear control theory and method, using the open loop and closed loop control, the combination of qualitative and quantitative control of combining the modal control method, solve the problem of complex system control; Through multimedia technology to provide graphic and simple intuitive working interface; Through artificial intelligence and expert system, the behavior, thinking and behavior strategy of human beings are perceived and simulated to obtain precise control of building objects. Intelligent control system has the characteristics of variable structure, which has self-optimizing, self-adaptive, self-organizing, self-learning and self-coordinating ability. 
2. Sharing of information services in urban cloud 
Wisdom cloud in the city center, brings together the city related all kinds of information, can be achieved by infrastructure services, platform service and software service, intelligent building to provide a full range of support services and applications. Therefore, the intelligent building should have the ability to share the public information resources of the city, so as to minimize the system construction within the building, and achieve the goal of high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development. 
3. Practical application of Internet of things technology 
In simple terms, the Internet of things is by means of radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system (GPS), such as the laser scanner information sensing device, according to the contract agreement, connect any item with the Internet, information exchange and communication, in order to realize intelligent identification, location, tracking and monitoring and management of a network. There are various devices, systems, and personnel management objects in smart buildings, which need to use Internet of things technology to realize the connectivity and remote sharing of equipment and system information. 
4. Application of the convergence of the four and three networks 
The three networks refer to the traditional telecommunication network represented by the Internet (Internet), the traditional telecommunication network (including mobile communication network) and the broadcast television network, which is represented by cable. Triple play main wisdom through technical transformation, realize the telecom network, broadcasting television network and Internet network mutual penetration and mutual compatibility, and gradually integrated into a unified communications network, forming can provide such as voice, data, radio and television comprehensive business basis of broadband multimedia platform. In the intelligent building, the integration of the three networks enables the people inside the building to stop caring about who is the service provider and freely acquire all kinds of voice, text, image and video services. 
As the big data, cloud computing, the rapid development of Internet of things technology, intelligent urban future development goals, is the world‘s major cities as a wisdom to part of the city‘s most group, intelligent building development degree will determine the wisdom of the transformation rate of the city. However, the benefits and convenience brought by smart buildings will have an unlimited potential in both large and small communities. 


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