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With the accuracy of voice recognition to enhance the new paradigm of human - co...

With the improvement of accuracy, the application scope of speech recognition will be widened and voice interaction will gradually become possible. But in the p...

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The development of intelligent sensor is an important measure of international c...

As an important nerve contact point of the information industry, the sensor is an important technological basis for the new technological revolution and informa...

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Four Trends of Intelligent Building in Intelligent City Construction

With the development of science and technology, the combination of things and architecture more and more closely, in the smart home, security and other fields, ...

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Opportunities and Challenges of Iris Recognition Technology

Fingerprint and iris recognition, integrated the mainstream of the market biometric technology, as long as the hardware can collect standard data,For a time tri...

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Intelligent building demand will be the trend of human life

According to the Royal Institute of Architects, people spend an average of 20 hours a day in commercial buildings or dwelling. In view of the growing global pop...

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Smart home and intelligent audio development prospects

In the boom of the intelligent speaker, the smart home of the "ecological war" affects the hearts of all walks of life. Once confirmed the maturity of the smart...

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